84 Nov. 12th 2007

eMarketer provides the information
marketers need to keep up-to-date with trends and developments in online marketing and emerging media.

23 January 29th 2008

80/20 wins an important contract
A New York organization retains our
services to assist in the implementation
of an internal intelligence department.

08 January 15 2008

Profiling: 80/20 may invest
Management team is currently evaluating a small companies assets.

12 January 12 2008

Regaining the advantage
80/20 will deliver a seminar on the new role and the stakes of the sales profession.

News and BLOG of 80/20

bcp BCP et BCP Consultants
BCP Consultants partners with Développement 80/20 inc. Mr. Jean-Louis Dufresne is the team leader.
Their services: Strategic Counsel and Public Relations.
Contact BCP Consultants: Jean-Louis Dufresne

airmedic Air Médic
Air Médic ambulance is a non profit emergency transportation's organization by helicopter or by plane within the Quebec territory.
To become a member, please contact:
Phone : 1 (866) 673-3838 ou au 1 (418) 673-3838

lkd Serge Amar, lawyer

Mr. Amar specializes in commercial, bankruptcy and insolvency litigation. His practice also includes civil liability. He can be reached at: serge.amar@lkd.ca Direct line: 514 282-7828

BBR Regional Park in Mirabel: Bois de Belle-Rivière
A wonderfull destination to discover !

gardium Gardium Sécurité
Specialises in human and electronic surveillance using customized investigation techniques. Gardium is one of the most trusted physical security, consulting and investigations in Quebec, CANADA.

Downs Lepage, Law Firm Downs Lepage, Law Firm
Dows Lepager is a law firm having office in Montreal, situated in the province of Quebec, Canada. It provides for services in many languages, such as French, English. Since its foundation, the cabinet has been a leader in criminal, penal and disciplinary law.

bnc Banque Nationale
Financial services, brokerand and banking solutions.

mike Telus Mobilité (Mike)
Multicom Communications
The powerfull tool for business. Products and services. We partner with Multicom2000 for the excellent customer service it provides.